Why you should join us at Gartner IOM this year

Posted on 30/05/2018 by marcoa
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We’re getting ready to open the door to operational excellence with customers and partners alike at Gartner IOM , 5-6 June. Will you be joining us in Frankfurt this year?

IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) is at the very heart of secure digital transformation. As businesses embrace fast-evolving technologies, methodologies, and tools, we have seen innovation and efficiency flourish across enterprise. Join us at this years’ Gartner IOM Summit for the opportunity to learn from VMware and industry experts about how operational excellence is empowering enterprises across the globe.

What will VMware be covering?

The businesses leading the digital race are those who innovate continuously. In a world where the pace of technological development is the fastest it’s ever been, and where the speed of getting an application into the hands of its user can make the difference between commercial success or failure, the reliance on IT has never been more crucial.

Join Rory Choudhuri, VMware Solutions Marketing Director EMEA, and Sören Hühold, Head of IT Transformation & Cloud Solutions, Arvato Systems on Tuesday 5th June at 12:00-12:30, to hear why successful innovation is reliant on being able to deliver any application, to any device, from any cloud. How having one globally consistent platform – running in the data centre and into the public cloud – means that no matter where you want to create, manage, store or deploy apps, you can do it quickly, easily and securely. Unified, software-defined infrastructure brings new levels of intelligent automation and management, enabling organizations to flex and harness new technology, without disrupting operations. All without compromise.

Watch the video below and hear from VMware executives about why this year’s Gartner IOM Summit will help you develop the skills to become an I&O leader of the future.




So, what else is on our agenda for this year?

  • Learn how to lead your organization through the required cultural and organizational changes to empower effective and consistent operations
  • Help equip yourself to broaden the automation and management of IT to improve service delivery across the data center
  • Understand how to manage the evolution towards a unified, software-defined approach for infrastructure that reduces siloes and complexity while enhancing security

If you want to start the discussion ahead of the summit, we’re talking about these topics on our social channels. Follow the link to join the conversation.

The Gartner IOM Summit is a must-attend event for roles in I&O Executive and Strategists, IT Operations Management, Data Center & IT Infrastructure, I&O Architects & Project Leaders. Don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade your businesses operations, inspire your IT infrastructure, and network with the best in the business!

Want to register? Claim your exclusive €325 discount today by using our discount code: GSIOE1.

Register today.

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