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Posted on 06/03/2020 by vmwarebelgium
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Applications (short: app): few investments today are as essential to business success and digital transformation. The complete portfolio of existing and planned apps is what defines customer relationships, revenue models, employee experiences and business operations. But even after decades of innovation in developer tools, new models of infrastructure, cloud delivery models and more, most businesses struggle to match the needs for new services and differentiated capabilities at the pace required to compete. 

Moreover, the future only looks more challenging. Expectations show exponential growth in app volume along with continued diversification in how applications are built, run and managed. All on top of the growing multi-cloud reality for IT is proving to be daunting to say the least. Most of the organizations we work with are challenged to keep pace with demands while extending existing teams and established skills to new domains. The growth in Kubernetes, microservices and cloud native architectures will only challenge global teams even more. 

One of the lingering challenges is the continued fragmentation between developers and IT teams. Even those organizations that have bridged these teams to align on goals and objectives. They often lack the technology platforms to properly align and efficiently execute the priorities of each team. Developers need rapid access to the tools and resources to drive innovation. But this speed can’t come at the expense of security, reliability or management of IT systems the business depends on. For too long, solutions have solved one challenge or another without the holistic view of success for the entire organization.

Build, Run, and Manage Any App in Any Cloud

At VMworld, we introduced the latest in a multi-year investment tools, services and expertise to drive the nextgen of applications. Our new portfolio, VMware Tanzu combined with the innovation we are bringing to vSphere through Project Pacific have now been combined with an incredible team from Pivotal. With Pivotal, VMware has expanded its talent base along with our portfolio for modern apps. We’re extending this into app development and allowing developers to deliver the agility that the business demands. All of this is forming the industry’s most complete portfolio for modern apps. We’ve been working through our early customers across this portfolio and the feedback we’ve been getting is extremely strong. 

So, we’re excited to share where this portfolio is going. And how you will be able to drive instant outcomes for your business. Whether you are building new Apps, adopting cloud native Principles or modernizing existing apps. This portfolio represents a broader commitment to help our customers achieve significant goals when it comes to their app estate. Through these efforts and our participation with the community, we’re challenging ourselves to address fundamental issues in the market today: 

  • How can we help our customers succeed in building, running and managing all apps across a multi-cloud landscape? 
  • Can we truly democratize Kubernetes, enabling all businesses to derive exponential value? 
  • Can we close the gap between developers and IT? All while giving each team precisely the tools and capabilities they need to be successful? 
  • How can we extend current skills and expertise to a new generation of applications? 
  • What elements of cultural and organizational transformation must accompany innovative technology? 
  • So, how can give organizations more flexibility in how they deliver applications while abstracting away an increasingly complex landscape of options? 
  • How can we translate this technology innovation to business impact? 



Therefore, save the date. Join us March 10th 2020 (14:00H) when we’ll reveal more details about our strategy to help you accelerate the massive change underway in the applications landscape. Click here to add to your calendar! 

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